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Hallandale Beach Joins Global Movement To Chart Path To Net-Zero Emissions By 2050

By City of Hallandale Beach, June 16, 2021

In Partnership with the ICLEI150 - Leading with Climate Science Initiative and Florida Race to Zero

Hallandale Beach, Florida – Hallandale Beach is committing to a carbon-free future and taking immediate action to achieve this goal. Mayor Joy Cooper and City Commission have taken the ambitious step to join the Cities Race to Zero, a global campaign to build the momentum for a zero-carbon economy. This shift will bring Hallandale Beach new green jobs, energy savings, and a healthier future for all its residents.

“The climate crisis requires us all to take bold action now in order to protect our future generations and the countless other species we share this beautiful planet with. Hallandale Beach has been doing this work for decades through efforts like Energy Efficiency Block Grants, greening our fleet, adopting Green Building Standards and Form Based Code to promote transit-oriented development. We intend to continue making process through innovation and collaboration with agencies like ICLEI,” said Mayor Joy Cooper.

Hallandale Beach is boldly embracing the challenges and the opportunities of the climate crisis. By joining the Cities Race to Zero, the ICLEI150, and the Florida Race to Zero initiatives, Hallandale Beach is committed to a 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target in line with the most recent climate science. This target puts Hallandale Beach on a path to zero carbon emissions by 2050, a necessary step to limit warming below extreme levels.

Watch a video message from Mayor Joy Cooper regarding this new commitment here:

“By the time I’m 80 – if cities, states, and nations don’t meet these targets – our area is projected to suffer from as much as 4.5 feet of sea level rise and more than 60 days per year with a heat index above 105 degrees. Many often think that climate change is something in the far-off future, but that is no longer the case. I’m proud to lead the work at the City of Hallandale Beach to achieve these science-based targets, improve quality of life, and achieve a brighter future for us all,” said Alyssa Jones Wood, the City of Hallandale Beach’s Sustainability & Resiliency Officer.

Under Mayor Joy Cooper and City Commission’s leadership, Hallandale Beach has be

come a leader in the fight against the climate crisis. It will take transformative action to reach its 2030 target and 2050 net-zero emissions. Working with the ICLEI150 initiative’s team of climate experts and our residents through our Climate Action Planning process, Hallandale Beach will identify and implement high-impact emissions reduction initiatives that will clean up our air, create local jobs, and spur local innovation.

"With their recent greenhouse gas inventory, sustainability action plan, and vulnerability and adaptation plan, Mayor Joy Cooper and the City of Hallandale Beach clearly show their commitment to Hallandale Beach's long-term health and safety," said Angie Fyfe, Executive Director of ICLEI USA. "These foundations will inspire others in ICLEI150 and accelerate Hallandale Beach in the Race to Zero."


About the City of Hallandale Beach

The City of Hallandale Beach is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the community in a fiscally responsible manner by providing superior services that meet the needs of our community as well as plan for their future needs through continued communication.

About ICLEI150

ICLEI150 is an initiative by ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability USA. It is a movement of 150 U.S. local governments to join the Cities Race to Zero by pledging to meet the climate crisis, setting a Science-Based Target, implementing at least one high-impact action, and reporting progress. ICLEI USA is the leading technical expert on greenhouse-gas emissions accounting, climate action, and resilience and sustainability planning.


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